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13 Apple Watch Apps That Ease Your Busy Business Life

business-woman-using-apple-watchApple watch is a user’s paradise. The designers of this state of the art gadget have kept in mind the fact that your time is important and you need to make the most of it. Hence, it would be convenient to say the least, if you could make use of all the advanced features in the Apple watch. We aim to do just that with this write-up. As a business person, you may have lots of stuff to do in limited time. Below is the list of 13 must have Apple watch apps for you so that you can boost your productivity. Don’t forget to add to this list or pick up your favorite.

1. Wake Alarm Clock

Due to a stress-induced life and a lack of time, you often miss out on your sleep. So you may face health related issues or fall ill easily. To counter this, wake alarm clock helps you keep a track of your sleep. With the help of this app, you can figure out whether you sleep properly or not. It also tells you how much time is left before you need to wake up.

wakup alarm clock

Developed by: Pedro Fernandes
You can contact him on linkedin

2. Nike+Running

Nike+Running app connects with the global running community of Nike and also help you to log distance and run duration right on your wrist.

nike apple watch apps

3. BBC News

Even though there are quite a few news apps for Apple watch, BBC News is the best of them. You get notifications based on your personalized preferences. You even get news notifications based on the most read tab. In addition, you get a brief synopsis and picture and get the option of loading the full story on your iPhone through this app.

bbc news on the app

4. Citymapper

If you are in one of the cities that supports the Citymapper app, this is one of the must-have apps for any business person. It gives you info about public transport and provides clear instructions on getting from one place to another. You also get info on upcoming buses, trains or trams through this app.

citymapper the ultimate real time public transport
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5. Yelp

If you are craving for some mouth-watering food, Yelp is the app for you. It gives a listing for nearby bars, restaurants and coffee shops. In each of the categories, you can get the detail of individual locations, distance from your current location, maps, reviews and pricing info.

yelp on the app store

6. Stock Watch

This is one of the best Apple watch app for tracking the stock market. The light and dark color combination of this app makes it more powerful, impactful and easy to use. You can get stock market info like gainers and looser notifications, currency support and custom filter chart through this app.

stockwatch portfolio tracking and stock market quotes

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7. Twitter

Through the twitter app on your Apple watch, you can check out the recent tweets, top trends, and many more features. Now it is easy to send direct messages from Apple watch to your friends and family members even if you don’t follow each other.

8. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best Apple watch photo camera apps. You can see all your favorite photos and videos on your Apple watch. You can also search with a place, name or anything else that is trending and get the latest photos on your wrist.

9. Evernote

Now you can remember everything with the Evernote app designed for the Apple watch. For matters important and mundane, you have had no other better way to remember things than Evernote. You can even keep a to-do list and recall tasks for the day from your Evernote app for the Apple watch.

evernote on the app store
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10. eBay

With the Ebay app, Apple watch takes the user experience on the eBay website to a new level. Ebay app provides a further level of focus for the users. It helps you checking out your watch lists, sales and bidding.

11. Amazon

The Amazon app for the Apple watch is quite awesome. Users can search for items by voice and if necessary, even put up an order right on your wrist. On top of all this, Amazon one-click feature sounds like a natural fit given the constraints of space and size.

12. Playkids

Suppose your kids are watching a video in the PlayKids app on their iPad or iPhone and you want them to take a break, you can use your Apple watch to stop the video. You can also communicate with your kids telling them its time for bed in a funny manner by using a cartoon character. The Same app can used for telling your kids that its time for eating or for brushing your teeth.

playKids early learning with educational games
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13. ESPN

The ESPN Apple watch app helps you keep up to date with breaking sports news or follow a specific game. This app can send you a notification after each score change or if something important happens during the play. See real time scores and other details regarding your favorite game using the ESPN Apple watch app.

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