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15 useful and important wordpress plugins for your blog

15 most important plugin for wordpressWordPress is a global blogging platform where lots of written and graphical contents are uploaded and viewed daily. It is one of the most ideal way to create your identity on the Internet and so today many enterprises and individuals create their own website using WordPress. You can use WordPress for the various reasons like promotions, branding and express yourself by writing in the WordPress blog or share some photos or videos.

One good thing about WordPress is that there are more than 30,000 different free or paid plugins which are available online. These plugins allow you to do lots of stuff with your WordPress-based site. There are certain plugins that prove very useful for any WordPress site owners. Generally this list of plugins includes solutions for SEO, caching, security, comments, payment gateways and few other stuff. Here are small list of 15 plugins useful for every WordPress blog.

WordPress SEO 

You can not called it WordPress SEO as just another SEO plugin, as it is the complete website optimization package. This plugin allows you to add titles and descriptions to your articles, it also allows you to add metadata information, do page analysis, publish xml Sitemap, and many other search engine optimization stuff. It is easy to install and setup, that’s the reason why it is being loved by many site owners.

Gravity Forms

This is the most basic developer friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. You can use it to add almost any kind of online form to your WordPress website. Besides this, It comes with many powerful add ons which allow you to create online survey, user submitted posts, web directory, and everything where a user input is must.

W3 Total Cache

This is one of the fastest and most trusted WordPress performance plugin. It significantly improves the speed as well as the overall user experience of the site. It can add browser, page, object and database caching and is also useful for minifying the images. Plugin decreases the total site loading time and thus, saves lots of resource consumption.


Today spamming is the biggest problem in blogging sites. This issue can be avoided using CAPTCHA image in the content. SI CAPTCHA plugin shows a CAPTCHA image every time someone comments. The only drawback of this plugin is that some time even genuine users avoid to comment on your blog as it keeps asking CAPTCHA code every time.

Broken Link Checker

This plugin evaluates every pages, posts, comments, images and every type of content for broken links and missing images, and notify immediately about it. The reason for quickly fixing broken links is that they are not at all good for your blog’s SEO and create not so good impression in the search engines.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is surely must have plugin for any site owner as it provides several more features than any other SEO plugins, that’s why it should come in top list of WordPress plugins. By including this plugin you will get the feature of Google Analytics web service right into the WordPress Dashboard and option for custom reporting which is also a very good feature.

XML Sitemap plugin

This plugin is surely one of the easiest options to create XML Sitemap dynamically. Installing this plugin, you are asked to create a Sitemap for the first time, then the plugin automatically maintaining the site map itself. This type of update Sitemap helps crawlers to see entire structure of the site and retrieve it more easily. The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress pages as well as custom URLs. Additionally, it notifies all major searches like Google, Yahoo and Bing about the updated content in your site.


WordPress doesn’t provide any button to create tables. So, if you want to insert tables in WordPress, then you should have TablePress plugin. It allows you to create tables within WordPress, posts, pages, or even in the widgets. You can easily export your table data using this plugin.


There are many slider plugins which slow down your website which would hurt your blog from the SEO perspective but, soliloquy is the highly responsive WordPress slider which is available in the market. It is also useful plugin for the SEO. Moreover, it is one of the fastest slider plugin that loads sliders at lightening fast speed.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

This plugin offers a straightforward way that allows you to sell products or services by just one click from your WordPress site. After this plugin installed, you can include this button on any post, page or when you want it to install. This shopping cart plugin shows what you have in the cart and allows you to change quantity or remove any items.

Disqus Comment System

The default WordPress commenting system works very well in the WordPress based site with fewer visitors. However, for larger sites where you are receiving plenty of user comments, for that site it is better to install Disqus commenting system. The fact that it is third party commenting system assures that it will not affect your server.

Display Widgets

Sometimes you want that certain widgets will only display on certain pages. This is possible with the display Widgets plugins which allows you to easily display or hide widgets on particular pages. You can even display widgets on special events like, it only display to logged in users and hide for everyone else.

Share this

This plugin allows the sharing of content from your site and from 50 different social networks sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Delicious and many more. This plugin also provide Facebook Like button and Google +1 button for easy sharing any content.

Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress

Google Pagespeed Insights is a last WordPress plugin which empowers you to make right decisions which increase performance of your website. All the recommendations from Google Pagespeed are totally based upon current industry best practices followed for desktop and mobile web performance.

Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar surely comes in the must have in the list of top plugins for the WordPress. It allows you to add few selected social networks that really matter. It is highly recommended for speed, this tool make sure that your social buttons don’t slow down the speed of your website.

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