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How to Creates a Better First Impression before Client Arrives?

There are often many small things that we miss out when we are focusing on acquiring that big new client! Right from preparing the sales pitch to getting the proposal sound right, we try to take care of everything that is going to be presented in front of the client. While what we put in front of the client is crucial, what is around them is also equally a matter to take care of. Here comes the very experience of their visit when they enter the office premises.

welcome client with digital signage

Here are a few things we believe can be taken care of to make things stand right:

1) Arrange for them the best parking spot!
Parking is certainly an issue these days. The best thing for a client while they visit your space would be to be able to park without any parking space issue. Since every office is allotted a parking space, make sure to vacant the best spot when the client is arriving. By doing so, you will make them feel much more important and create a great impression too.

2) Set up a Visitor Management System at reception
Relieve your receptionist from recording every visit. Set up a visitor management tool at your reception area. When an important client comes, he need not wait at the reception desk, they can be pre-signed with the system and their visit can be made smooth and memorable.

The host receives a notification as soon as the client arrives that prompts them to setup for the meeting instantly.

3) Ensure your staff is smartly dressed:
The way you dress is the very first impression that you create in another person’s mind. Ensure that every employee in your team is presentably and professionally dressed. Mostly staff tend to dress casually on a regular basis however make sure that whenever a client is visiting, they are dressed to stand out.

4) Place a digital signage at your entrance:
Placing a welcome message for your client with a corporate digital signage display is not only impactful but also makes a statement on the level of sophistication and professionalism that you follow. Display your company’s vision/mission statements or highlight your achievements to keep them engaged while they are waiting. Investing in the latest technology in your business will say for itself to your client.

5) Ensure that the office premises are tidy:
This is a very important point that cannot be missed out or replaced with anything else. The office needs to be cleaned before the clients arrives, bins need to be emptied, food to be put away and all the employees desk need to be clean too. Also ensure that the office smells great. Most importantly, the meeting room should be properly arranged and equipped with notepads, refilled pen stands and clean board.

While there are many other small things that can come up, we feel the above are the ones not to be missed. Do share with us your thoughts on with points that you have in mind and why they matter.

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