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Drive downloads through screenshots | Optimize CTR

The most trending topic in IT world, Mobile Apps. Be it a large enterprise, small business, an entrepreneur or students, all are looking for mobile applications. More than a million apps are on iTunes and Google store, how do we make sure that our app will get enough attention on app store? If you search a keyword “Bike racing” you will get number of apps, but which one will you download? Obvious answer is the one which has convincing screenshots.  App screenshot is the key factor to get more downloads. Screenshots must need to show what the app or game does. You can get a great conversion rate through screenshots.


The above screenshot explains one of the features of application. You never know from where you are going to get a download, and you are not going to explain them about your app. The screenshots of your app can serve this purpose and get you downloads. The above screenshot explains we need to guess alphabet of a picture given. To add to it, they have explained it in a painting behind a device with two examples.

Here are few things you should consider before publishing your application:

Analyze Market

There will not be your app only on market. Daily more than 1000 apps are being submitted to app store for review. Check what others are doing with their screenshot. Is it more convincing then yours? If so, work more on screenshots and make it more convincing by giving real examples. Do not copy or make a clone of available competitor’s screenshots.

Make it understandable

Try to cover how to use your app or game in screenshot. The user should be convinced to download it. Use some words to explain features in your screenshots.

List Key features

You may have more than 20 features in your app or game. You do not need to cover them all, but cover the premium ones that you think are a key factor of your app or game. Ideally one feature should be explained per screenshot.

Optimize it with high resolution

Hire professional designer and get your screenshot in high resolutions with super quality. So it soothes the eye of the viewer. Make sure you follow Apple store guidelines else they may reject it.

Pay attention to flow

You cannot display the last screen of your game as your first screenshot. It does not make any sense. Start with first screen and go as per the flow of the app. User should understand everything about app or game from screenshots uploaded.

Upload as many as it allows

Apple store allow 5 screenshots per device (iPhone 4, iPhone5, iPad) and Google play store allows 8 screenshots per device (phone, 7-inch tablet, tablet). You should upload screenshots for each of the devices. It allows you to add more detail about your app or game.

You need to follow guidelines of respective stores. Make sure your screenshot does not violate any terms and conditions and do not lie about your app in the screenshot. It will get negative reviews for your apps.

About Origzo:

Origzo is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Mobile and Web Application Development Company. We design and develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows & Cross Platform. We provide consultation to make your application stands different in app store. We use our highly professional analysts and designers to get maximum CTR and ROI. To get a free consultation of your app, drop an email at bizdev@origzo.com or give a call on +1 (415) 871 0487.


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