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Golden Rules to Conduct an App Pitch Presentation

Creative app pitch presentation
Being in the agency world, people there are aware for pitch presentations for various projects. However, making a pitch presentation for an app is a different ball game altogether.

In this blog post, we are going to explain the entire process of conducting a successful app pitch presentation in front of a client. We have tried to include the points that the agencies should add in their app pitch presentation. We have also mentioned the flow of the pitch presentation and the important points that should be covered.

First and foremost, you start your pitch by introducing your idea about what your pitch is going to be overall. Once you have done that, you should go on in briefly mentioning the chief aim and purpose of your company.

Jumping into presentation without introducing yourself or the member associated gives wrong impression about your agencies professional behavior. At this moment, you can also give a short brief about your team. An eye-break is important before you start an important discussion about the designed concept of an mobile application.

This is very important since first impression is the last impression. Hence, you should keep your introduction about your company short and sweet and try to attract the full attention of the client in your pitch. What are the important tenets on which your company will run and in which direction you want to steer your company are important parts of any pitch presentation. After mentioning the starting point of your company and explaining what you do and want to achieve, comes the important part in which you mention the problems that people face without your app.

You have to clearly explain to the client the problems you have identified without the use of your app and how your app will be able to solve such kind of particular problems.

This is the most important part of your app pitch presentation since it is at this stage during which you make the client realize the utility and value of your app and how you want to solve the problems that you have identified.

Remember that you have to highlight the specific issues that hurt the most in the absence of the app and how app is able to reduce the pain. So, you have to explain the current scenario without your app and how you are able to change the existing scenario positively with your app.

Define in concrete terms how you are going to solve the problems that customers may be facing. Both the problems and the solutions that you provide through app should be clear and viable.

Be specific with the solutions you’re providing in your app and you should be able to clearly demonstrate how the app is going to change the problem scenario that you have already described.

For example, if your client is restaurant owner, your pitch should include to develop a food delivery app. You can explain the scenario that how difficult it is currently for the customers to locate and dine in restaurants due to lack of time, traffic problems and sometimes affordability issues.

You can describe how your food delivery app can save the time, energy and money of your clients’ potential customers and how it will usher in a change for the better in the life of the customers. In this way, you can provide a brief idea to your client about your app.

Do your homework well before making a pitch presentation to a client thoroughly. In your presentation, you should be able to show yourself or your agency as an expert of the app creation and development.

That can include the latest technologies that are prevalent in the market, the similar kind of apps (if any) present in the market currently and an in-depth analysis of the strengths and the drawbacks of your competitors.

Be clear about the latest trends in the industry in which your app is placed and how the industry has shaped up in the past and is going to shape up in the future .

Describe in detail the benefits of the app to the client and why and how it will be better for achieving his or her marketing goal.

You have to clearly establish the need of it. You should mention if there are similar kinds of app in the market and why are they failing in providing a complete solution to the customers in the prevailing market conditions. Explain how you are going to be successful where other players have failed.

Describe an mobile application in detail and your vision plus the concept behind it.

For the aid of this, you should not forget to include the wire frame diagrams of the app. Before jumping into getting an approval of a client, it is better to show them the roadmap, design ideas and overall timing that an app is going to take.

The wireframe should explain step by step flow about how does the app work and the backend of the app. Also state the processes and methods you have used in developing your app.

After the explanation of the wireframe, you should include at least three design options that render in reality how the app will look like and will be presented to the end user.

Each and every stage of an app making process should involve a timeline. For example, you may state that the wire framing and design of your app may take eight weeks and the testing of your app may take four weeks.

In short, the client should get a clear and overall idea for the concept all about, the features you will add in the app and how you are going to design it.

It is always the prime question that every client wants to know. ‘How will you market our product? So it’s better to include it in the pitch presentation. You should convey agency to include both online and offline channels for an app marketing.

Your app marketing section should cover :

  • Social Media App Marketing
  • Media Management
  • In App Promotions

Describe basic flow of your approach for dealing with the channels. You should not reveal the concepts at these stages. Showing only the approach will be enough at this level.

In this section, you should ask for the marketing collaterals from the client so that you are able to design the app as per the expectations of the client.

In addition, you should also ask for the marketing guidelines from the client so that you are able to design the first draft of the app as per the expectations of the company values and ethos.

After the presentation has been done, just wait for the corrections that are given from client or their representative.

You should also not insist for a second presentation, since you have already given a clear idea about the development and process to be included.

In addition to this, after the pitch presentation, you should try to gain more clarity about the objectives that the clients wants to be fulfilled and try to understand their point of view instead of asking the chance for a second presentation.

Developing a clarity about the feedback and the specific requirements of a client will give you enough scope to work to satisfy these specific requirements and needs of the client.

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