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How to Make an Awesome App Demo Video without Pinching Your Purse

make an awesome app demo video

Demo video of your app forms an important part of the launch strategy of your application. It gives a preview of your application and the users come to know what your app is all about and what are its various functionalities. The app market is very competitive and it is important that you underscore a need for your app and that the users are apprised of the fact that why you have created an app for them in the first place. In hand with all this, you can give detailed information regarding your mobile application to educate the users through the demo video.

It is estimated that demo videos can increase the rates of purchasing of the app by up to 85% after the demo video has been viewed.

Hence, it is very important to create an awesome demo video before you launch your app in the market. This write up is about creating a great demo video step by step so that you get the desired reception of your app and make it stand out amidst all the cut throat competition.


1. Show the Problems That Your Potential Customers Face

You have to begin your demo video from the problems that your potential customers are facing without using your app. You have to tell a story to them and you have got to make them relate to the situation that you are describing that it can happen to them as well. This is the most important part of the beginning of your video as you will be mentioning the need for your app and also how your app will help in eliminating the problem that your potential customers might face.

problems that your customers face



2. First Five Seconds of Your Video are Crucial

The first five seconds of your video are crucial as they will indicate whether your target audience wants to go ahead and watch your entire demo video and see what your app is all about. Keep this part of the video interesting and in the form of a story, that is emotional and real, and with whom your app customers can relate to. If you succeed in doing this, you can be sure that potential customers are going to watch the entire video and even download your app.

first five seconds of your video are crucial



3. Communicate Name of the App in The Title Itself

You have to communicate the name of the app in the title of the video itself so that your potential customers know what your app is all about and what subject area your app belongs to. This is very important since by providing a clear name and purpose for your app in the title itself, you give vital information to your target audience, which immensely helps them to decide whether they want to go ahead with your app or not.

Communicate name of app in the title itself



4. Demonstrate How the App Works

This is the most meaty portion of your video since it will demonstrate to the potential customers how your app actually works. This portion of the video should be clear, concise and most important of all, full of relevant information. You should be able to clearly communicate to the user how your app works, what the user needs to do in order to make the app work and how they can use the app. Once the users are clear about this, you can move to the part that shows what the unique features of the app.

demonstrate how the app works



5. Show the Key Features of Your App

In this part of the video, you should demonstrate the unique features of your product that are an important part of the user experience. You should concentrate on the unique possibilities that your app can bring to the users and what all features can the target audience get access to by using your product. This will give the users all the information they need and will help them decide how your app is better than the other competitors of yours in the market.

Show the key features of your app



6. Targeted Keywords (Tags)

Targeted keywords should be relevant to your app. Care should be taken to ensure that you only include such kind of keywords in your video that will be normally searched by any layperson who intends to use your app.

7. Display App icon Throughout the Demo Video

In the entire demo video, you should display the app icon. This gives your product a recognition from your target audience and helps in the marketing of your app. This also helps you to create a space of your own so that it can compete with other similar apps in the market.

Display app icon throughout the demo video


8. Put Description of Your App in Your YouTube Description Box

YouTube gives adequate space at the bottom of your video to give a description about what your app is all about. You should use this space wisely and give a clear and a concise description regarding your app so that the readers can know what it is all about.

Put description of your app in your youtube description box


9. Don’t Forget to Put URL in the App Description

In your description of the app, don’t forget to include the URL in the description from where targeted users can download your app. This will help you get more customers as they can find easily from where your app can be downloaded.

Don't forget to put URL in the app description

10. Convincing Call to Action

Your app demo video should contain a convincing call to action, preferably at the end part of your video. It should be crafted in such a manner that the users are convinced totally to buy and use your application. The call to action should be simple and yet powerful enough to direct the targeted audience to take a positive decision on your app.

Convincing call to action


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