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Mobile App – A ‘Must-Have’ for Stock Market

If you are one of the stock market consultants and searching for the people who can start the stock trading with your company. Then the first thing you need to know that generally people think that investing in stock market may be bit stressful, especially if the market is fluctuating. Because in every second there will be millions of loss and profit depending upon the securities-wise high-law value.

So, if you are one of stock market consultant then it’s your responsibility that your client must know every second price update of every shares of where he is investing in. And that would be possible only if you provide a mobile application. Because most of the people use mobile apps 10+ time in a day which is more than the time of their routine activities like eating, bathing and sleeping.

people use mobile apps 10+ than other activities

Advantages of Stock Market Apps

1. Get real-time streaming price and economic data

Your client will get an update about every stock price. As a result, at any time they can buy or sell shares with an ease whenever they wish to do. Thus, you don’t require to hire more staff to work in your local office and also you may decrease your staff in your office who are sitting in front of a computer and trading as per client’s. It will also minimize the risk of wrong conversion on voice calls by your employees.

2. Trading with virtual portfolios

Your client may withdraw virtual money and buy or sell shares for an only experiment not a real trading. So, after some virtual trading they will get an idea about how to invest in the stock market. This technique is especially useful for new investors.

3. Draw stock charts and analyze

There are many types of stock charts that display various types of shares information. However, all charts display pricing and volume but in a different design for better analysis. So, any time your client can create a chart based on price changes in past week or month and it will help him to decide his next investment in the stock market.

Example of Stock Market Mobile App That is Created by us

One of our clients, after unable to find a compelling for checking Australian Stock Exchanges came up with an idea of creating a simple but robust app to check live data from various Stock Exchanges. Working on that idea, we develop EGL, an app designed for the Australian Stock Listed Companies providing live data for the Stock Exchanges. Our client also insisted us in making it a one-stop Stock Market app, a smart app, so we added functionality to get the financial data as per user’s preference for the companies and thus make smart investing decisions.

origzo created mobile app for egl

How Origzo can help you in your business growth?

We are not a company that give you fake promises such as “If you will give us your project, we provide guarantee that you will get your company growth same as google” . We are the company, having group of developers, designers, testers, marketers who actually work on your project and give surity about after joining us your business growth would be minimum 60%. Here you can see our work on – http://www.origzo.com/portfolio/ that we are already serving to different areas of IT&Telecom, Retail & FMCG, eCommerce, Healthcare, Transportation & Automotive, Travel & tourism, Energy & Distribution and Electronics successfully.

Talk to us today and Say Hi : +1 (415) 871 0487 and you can also shoot an email to us : bizdev@origzo.com

to discuss your financial or stock market app.

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