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Reasons of a billion dollar social networking app


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more names come into our mind when we think of social network. Social network is a billion dollar business as hundred out of hundred people are using it. It is easiest job to develop a social network but toughest job to maintain it. When Instagram was launched, no one has ever thought that Facebook will acquire it in US $1 billion.

Many entrepreneurs are thinking to enter into social network domain however they are not sure what makes their social network successful. To make it successful, you need to think as a user’s point of view. There is no doubt that you initially need to spend few $$$$$ for development and marketing but what if user does not feel comfortable to use your social network? Few reasons why people use social networks:

Loves Sharing

Whatever the feeling is, people always love to share it with others. Either it is happiness or sorrow, There is a difference to share with a single person or share with community. On social network they share with community where they get different views and reactions. It creates excitement to know what others have to think about your feelings.

A platform to explore your talent

Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest has provided a platform for photographers and designers to showcase their work. Many new photographers are publishing their photos over social network and they get feedback, reviews & suggestions. We can say we have many artists now compared to what we were having before 5 years. It’s all because of social network.

Keeps updated

There were days when organizations were facing difficulties to inform and update their users with new product or information. Those days are gone now. Everyone is on Facebook and twitter. Just post your update over there and see the magic. In a recent interview, one of prime bank told that they may not update their website with new information but they always update their Facebook and twitter page with new products. Social media is most effective way for marketers.

Connects in busy times

Everyone is busy. We don’t have enough time to call each person who is in our address book. However if you just post one update on social media, it will go viral and all your friends will come to know about it. Social media engages us. We never forget to check even if we have less minutes to spend. And in those few minutes, one can either connect to a single person or can get updates about all persons available in his network.

Event Reminders

Life is busy. Many a times social networking applications act as a reminder helping notify on the major events we often miss out due to heavy workload. Be it your best friends birthday or your marriage anniversary a reminder can help you make pre-arrangements for your near ones and get them happy.

There are more reasons of a successful social network app however these are the few which we observed. These reasons impact a lot on your social network. We will be covering things to take care while developing social network in our next article. Keep visiting our blog for updates.

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