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Ten useful Tips & Tricks For creating Profitable iPhone Apps

Profitable iPhone AppWho doesn’t want a profitable phone app? Its a dream of every mobile application developer. Being a developer, everyone wants their app to enjoy great success in the Apple’s iTunes store. Do you think it is very difficult to have your developed app shining under whats hot section or top selling section of iTunes? Well, here are few tips which you can try to get your apps to kiss the success over millions of apps available on iTunes.

Look for the current trend

A very important point for you while having your apps on iTunes to generate dollars. Search for every possible information available over internet and list it down. Do competitive analysis on iTunes and if possible on other mobile stores as well. Keep your sharp eye over top 100 selling apps and specially over your competitors. Point out the difference between an over-saturated market and vast opportunities that are available in the iPhone app development market.

Strictly follow Apple developer guidelines

Do follow guidelines provided by Apple to make your app successful. You will have better chances to get it approved over iTunes if you do so. Do not worry, Those rules are not tough to follow. Apple just wants to maintain quality as it is getting thousands of apps uploaded daily.

Check about the existence of the similar apps

Small but very common mistake often made by many professional developers. To develop awesome app, you start with your first idea, spend day and night on it to get best, and suddenly you realized the existence of similar app on iTunes store, may be with better functionalities of what you are offering in your iPhone App. Do not forget to check existence of similar app on iTunes store before converting your idea into reality.

You should align your Ideas with a successful Apps

Compare your idea with successful running iPhone App available over iTunes. You can check if you require any modification or enhancement in your idea. List down your features and functionalities and compare it with available app. Try to get loop holes of competitor app and cover those in your iPhone App.

Name is very important for creation of profitable Apps

The name of your app should be catchy! It should be possibly unique and should not be taken already for other apps. To avoid such silly mistakes, you should probably look for name which clearly defines motive behind your app.

Decide on a business model before doing any work

Before designing an icon, coding, or writing app descriptions, It is very much important for you to focus on business model, whom you are creating the app for? What purpose you are making this app? Answers of these questions easily help you to create better revenue from your apps.

Document your app development idea

It’s great that you know every thing about your app, but what about other people? If you hire designer or writer whom you need to convey your idea, It is very important for you to draw every small detail for your personal records before moving ahead to code it.

Test your developing App in every possible way

You will be always lover of your app. You will never like to have any bugs or issues in your app. If you test your app then chances you will not observe issues well so its better if you can get it tested by a professional tester.

Right decision about the pricing

If you are developing app personally, then decide if you are going to publish it as free or paid. In the case of free app, make sure to generate good income by advertisements which may not be as easy as you think. However, If you prefer to make your app paid then the pricing of the app should be very reasonable.

Market your developed iPhone App properly

Once the testing is done, you will think that your job is over. Nope! In fact it is just started as it’s your most important job to properly promote your app so that users are inspired to download your app. Today user will never care about your app if it is not properly marketed as iTunes store already have number of great apps. Yet, remember that don’t over promote your app as it might create unnecessary hype. Just follows these rules and you will see that your app will easily succeed in the iTunes store.

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