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Time To Convert Your E-commerce Store To A Mobile Application For Your Smartphone


From brick and mortar retail to E-commerce. The world is moving. Are you?

There was a time when internet used to be, a simple source of reading stuffs and sending emails to your boss. Soon it started taking many forms, entering new businesses in one way or other, changing the future of many businesses to certain extent, from gradual to rapid changes. Some businesses used internet as an extension of their offering, while for some it started taking over. One such business was retail, leading to the emergence of electronic commerce, online store or ecommerce, generating many buzzwords like “online shopping”, “shopping from home”; emergence of electronic payment system and wide variety of ecommerce platform for developing ecommerce store.

Ecommerce wasn’t the first one to make people ordering something from home to be delivered on their doorstep. Remember, pizza deliver boys or the still existing phone shopping or TV shopping industry? However, the web took everything on a different note, rather than replacing, it putted them together, that too: two steps further with ecommerce. Ecommerce wasn’t yet another “buy product and get delivered home” type of industry, it was meant to take the whole market place experience together and putting it on the internet. Ecommerce surely created a revolution but there was another industry emerging on its footsteps, something small yet powerful.

Here Comes The Smartphones

After the emergence of iPhone and eventually smartphones, pocket devices running many apps continuously connected to internet become a common stuff. Though, there was a small m-commerce sites standing, they were hardly influential, waiting to be pushed by smartphone hurricane. The well-established and profitable ecommerce industry soon started losing to these better accessible mobile devices, leading to the birth of m-commerce industry. Soon, rather than a m-commerce as a web application, companies started offering them as mobile app, providing far more features possible with web applications.

E-commerce To M-commerce App Conversion

These latest events made m-commerce a futuristic contender to e-commerce, making many companies to invest equally in both industries. However, not everybody have a decent mobile e-commerce offering, and those who do is mostly consist of a simple package of their m-commerce website. As industry of mobile app is comparatively new, there aren’t many skilled developer to develop a m-commerce app, let alone converting an existing e-commerce website. The success of m-commerce in today’s Smartphone world lies on developing a quality m-commerce app. Mobile websites don’t create that kind of impact, leaving customers unsatisfied with limited functionality. Those customers often get re-direct themselves to related e-commerce website, killing the whole purpose of m-commerce. Therefore, there is a strong need to create a quality m-commerce app for taking m-commerce to the next direction.

Origzo With M-commerce App Conversion

Origzo is blessed with this rare skill of converting any existent e-commerce website into a m-commerce mobile app. At Origzo, we often wonder when a establish e-commerce website don’t offer a mobile app. As mobile constitute to 60% of all electronic store transactions and visits, a mobile app offering on the top of mobile website will only increase your chance of a successful purchase. If, you’re still in this perception of living confined to traditional e-commerce, it’s the time to come out of it and open that door that closed little bit more.

About Origzo

Origzo is among the best global Outsourcing service providers based in Gujarat, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It has been consistently recommend by both past and current clients as highly reliable and trusted. Setting it apart, time to add another chapter in a long written history, this time to get it written by some bunch of simple artists with an even simpler vision: “To make the world, a better place”. You can be too a part of this amazing journey, call us on +1 (415) 871 0487 or email us on to learn more.

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