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Apple App Analytics tool is now available to all registered iOS developers.



Apple’s new app analytics tool is now available to all registered iOS developers. The tool is available through the iTunes Connect interface to everyone.

App developers can now measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and motivation for their iOS apps with App Analytics in iTunes Connect. App analytics was one of the biggest challenge app developers were facing, though there are many third party tools available. Apple is claiming to provide analytic data which no one else can provide, we do hope this from Apple as well.

The cost of App Analytics tool is included in program membership and it doesn’t require any technical implementation.

Here are few noticeable things from App Analytics tool:

    • App Store Product Page:

You will be able to calculate the effectiveness of your product page by tying the number of downloads of your app to the number of product page views. It captures your audience’s attention.

    • Web Traffic:

You will be able to know the sources that links to your application product page which is again very critical in driving user acquisition. You can get details of organic channels which is driving highest downloads and revenue for your app.

    • Marketing Campaigns:

App analytics provides a way to measure your marketing efforts which can help you to decide which campaigns are most effective for your app. You can create unique links to your each marketing campaign to gain insight into which campaigns drive the most downloads. You can also track campaigns with the storekit API.

    • User Engagement:

App Analytics provides user engagement metrics which includes number of sessions, active devices and retention. You will be able to evaluate the impact of product changes and can observe which changes improve engagement with your app.

    • Segment by Download Date:

You can compare and analyze user behaviour on their purchase date of your app. You can filter groups of users based on it. And we guess only Apple can provide this information no any third party tool can provide.

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