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How The Marriott Hotel App can be Better Than The Best

Marriott Hotels is ruling the way how their customers are experiencing their services through a mobile app. They are redefining the hotel visit with their mobile app being at the center of attraction, especially for young travelers. However, we have figured some features that are not present in the current Hotel Marriott app but would enhance the functionality of the app. Before that, let’s quickly check the major features of the app.

Mobile request is the first ever two way chat feature of its kind launched by a global hotel brand, as per Michael Dail, VP of global brand marketing for Marriott Hotels and Resorts at Marriott International. Since mobile request is seamlessly integrated into the Marriott app, it enables the guests to communicate with their hotel before, during and after their stay. It offers a more personalized experience because its integrated with all the other features of the Marriott mobile app such as check in, check out and room ready alerts.


Some Other Features of The Marriott App:

  • Make hotel reservations at 3,800+ hotels and resorts in 70 countries, 24/7 from anywhere
  • Access your Marriott Rewards account or enroll in the Rewards program
  • Use your Rewards Digital Membership Card for quick access to your account information and program updates
  • Find hotels near your current position with GPS functionality
  • Browse hotel photos, maps, and amenities
  • View upcoming reservations
  • Browse city guides with helpful tips about your destinations
  • Call a hotel or get help immediately with Marriott reservations via phone (if supported by your device)
  • Add reservations directly to your calendar
  • Cancel upcoming reservations


How The Marriott App can be Made Better

Sometime, the smartest men make the silliest mistakes! The same goes with Marriott. Even though they have designed a great app, adding these small and yet handy and important features will enhance the value of their app.


food ordering through marriott mobile app
Source: foodpanda

One thing that is completely missing in the mobile experience of Marriott is FOOD! Yes you read it right. Currently, there is no feature in the Marriott app through which the guests can order food. This becomes important if the guest is in a hurry or feeling hungry before checking in the hotel and they want their food ready as soon as they enter the hotel.


linkedin for social contacts integration

Another way the Marriott’s app can be better is by integrating the Linkedin contacts of the guest with the app. The people who travel for business purpose can avail a lot of benefits by this feature. Marriott has  to create a back-end that can notify the users who are both in the contact list of each other and are in the same city. This will enhance the business networking potential of the users of their app and can become quite a handy feature for business travelers.


special offers for all customers marriott mobile app

The competitors of Marriott are doing this and getting the leverage, so Marriott has to take this into mind to get more mileage by its mobile app.

The offers section of the app can be strengthened further and offers can be designed for every kind of travelers, whether they are on a family trip, or on a business trip. Offers designed for every kind of traveler can be prominently displayed in the offers section.


customer review about marriott services on app

You have given every best possible service through mobile app! So you can ask them about your service experience through the app itself! The current app of Marriott lacks a review mechanism through which the guests can rate and review the food and various services of the hotel. If this feature is added, the guests can automatically have a platform where they can air their suggestions and opinions regarding the level of services provided by the hotel and also get to know which place or service is the best.

By adding these kind of features in their already excellent app, Hotel Marriott can enhance the value of their app and give a more wholesome experience to their app users.

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