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Mobile Application or Mobile Website, Which One Is For Your Business?

Now that the future of web is all set to be mobile, so is the time. In this blog post I have answered a few question, regarding: How to go mobile? What are the options available? Among, Which one is better?

While it’s easy to answer the first two questions, the third one is bit complicated, with answer depending on various circumstances. Answering it is more like deciding the better off between white and black, leaving you with the most important question

While most of the businesses would go for a dual strategy: an app and a mobile website. But remember, not many businesses can afford to go with dual strategy and need to cut on one. With this blog post, I am particularly helping the latter, but should be beneficial for anyone.

Is it better to get started by creating a mobile-optimized website or by building a standalone mobile app?

To answer this question I would describe you both with their respective cons and pros.

Mobile Websites: If you are merely searching for options to expand your business then this is the simplest solution. Even if you’re thinking of expanding later with an app offering, but constrained by budget, then a mobile site should easily workout as a provisional effort.

Easy to do with a minimal budget and servicing the very demand you are forecasting, a mobile website creates good imprint on the prospective clients and enough for retention of the present ones.

Though, a mobile site can fulfil most of your needs, there are few places where it struggles with its stand. One of the such problem is fragmentation, caused by devices running on different operating systems or resolutions. A mobile website looking great on an iPhone, can look pretty darn and cramped when run on a feature phones.

Mobile Applications: While for some businesses, a mobile app might struggle to create an impact. But, for some it can work like a wizard waving his magical stick, catering to varied domains, generating bounteous opportunities, servicing every age group. Working as a prospective platform for generating bulky revenues and amplifying your brand.

Though a costly affair, especially building separate apps for different mobile OSes. If right niche is targeted with appropriate strategy, it guarantees ROI.

Final Judgement:

If you can afford, there is nothing wise than going for dual strategy. If on a tight budget, start with a simple mobile app and gradually build your app.

Origzo at your rescue!!

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