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Mobile Game For Your Business: Different Approach of Marketing

Make a brand through Mobile Game

The present and future is of Digital World. To make your brand worth, you need to pay enough attention on Digital Marketing. Organizations prefer to spend enough dollars on Google Adwords. Digital campaigns are placed on various sites including social networking which gives average CTR 0.05 – 1.00 %.

Now think the other way, by placing campaigns on different sites or mobile app, will you be able to create awareness about your brand? Average CTR is around 0.05 – 1.00 % which means 1  out of 100 people are interested to see your product. How about providing something different to user that entertains them ? How about a MOBILE GAME? Sounds interesting? But which game you should have ? Answer is you should have a mobile game that suits your business domain.

If you are a travel company, have car, bus or plane racing mobile game. If you have a furniture shop, have a mobile game to design their drawing room by placing different objects. There are thousands of game ideas for each domain. You just need to figure out which one suits your business the most. Few reasons why you should have mobile game for you Organization:

Drive traffic to your website

There are more than 750 millions websites available on internet. Though you work on SEO, you have strong competitors in market. Research says more than 58% of users on internet land on different website than websites they have searched on google. While if you offer them an exciting free mobile game that entertains them, they will be definitely interested to spend time on it. Make it worth so they check your website and trust your offering.

Fun way to explain what are you offering them

Picture this. You are offering insurance services to people. But people are not concerned about insurance. Make a mobile game, in a light way explain how important their lives are and how much they mean to their family. They will definitely understand and think to buy an insurance.


You do not need to spend lots of money to get this. It is one time investment only. You can integrate ad banners in it as well for your offering which will again act as a lead generation tool for you.

People know you through your mobile game

Make a worthy game that entertains users very well. They will love it and will share with their other friends. People will start exploring it more and more and will recognize you through your mobile game.

Platform to offer promotions

When people are exploring your game, you can have pop up or banner ads to offer your promotions. Or you can utilize functionality of your game to make them understand how much your offerings are worth.

Better CTR

At the end, everyone is interested about CTR. There is no doubt that you will get CTR higher than other techniques. You just need a good mobile game development company that provides good consultation of your mobile game.

How Origzo can help you ?

Origzo is a leading mobile game development company. We have analysts on board to understand your offering in detail. We analyze, check other competitors available in market, do research, draft and present your working prototype. Our few advantages:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified best mobile and web application development company
  • World class analysts and developers to understand your vision
  • Use of latest technology to provide best gaming experience for your game
  • Designers demonstrate elegant taste in designing graphics, proudly reflecting a company’s image
  • Integral game development with reliable Design Development & Review

Shoot us an email at bizdev@origzo.com or say HI at +1 (415) 871 0487 to discuss your mobile game today.

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