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Santa Warns : Don’t Google These Queries!


Query: Christmas marketing topic that are not at google
Santa Reaction:
But i don’t know any other way to find info on the internet except by Googling. Perhaps I should try Bing or Yahoo.


Query: How to print Christmas word without print function
Santa Reaction:
If you figure this out, then you are a genius.

Query: Code to add virtual Santa to my site home page
Santa Reaction:
Only a true nerd could have figured out this. Well, for God’s sake, of all things virtual, try to keep Santa for real.


Query: Black and white Santa in multicolor shade image
Santa Reaction:
May be the person who was typing this query was color blind….wonder what the actual result was…

Query: ‘Santa tips : to make my boss happy when i ask for leave’
Santa Reaction:
To make my boss happy and to have him grant a leave is practically impossible, can only occur if my boss is under the ‘influence’ of none other than Santa.

Query: Official Santa address to receive gift
Santa Reaction:
It is the north pole stupid…


Query: Is Santa available on e-commerce site
Santa Reaction:
How many times I have told you that Santa is omnipresent, so never ask about this ever again!


Query: Can Santa promote my e-commerce site
Santa Reaction:
No, Santa just promotes happiness and the spirit of love and giving.


Query: Santa’s favorite blog
Santa Reaction:
Even the Santa comes with a clause!


Query: How can i buy Official and original Santa from amazon
Santa Reaction:
Oh my gosh, how can you purchase a Santa!!! That too from Amazon. Now my head feels all giddy due to your ridiculous query. Just buzz off!

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