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Time and Tide Wait for None! Redesign and Upgrade Your Mobile App for a Superior Experience


The world of mobile applications is ever changing at a fast pace. Both in the field of design and technology, the world of mobile apps is changing at a rapid pace. Recent to come in the picture is the material design guidelines by Google that is revolutionizing the way mobile interfaces would be designed. Hence, if you have designed your mobile application a few years back, it is the time you may consider for a redesigning and upgrading of your app to stay relevant in the eyes of the end user.

You may ask what is the need of upgrading your app. However, consider these points before you make a final decision on this front. It may not be properly displayed in the latest versions of apple and android phones. Consider this.

  • Save yourself from being outdated:

If you have floated your mobile app a few years back, it was most probably designed considering the design and look and feel of iPhone 4/5. However, with the advent of iPhone 6 and 6+, the entire landscape of design and technology has changed way too far for your mobile application. Your old app may not be properly aligned or it may not be properly displayed in the new versions of iPhone. Same is the case with android apps, with the latest version of android being radically different from its predecessors, especially design wise and even concerning the technology used.

  • Add new features and functionality:

Another reason you may wish to upgrade your mobile app is to add new features and functionality in it. This makes a solid case for a redesign of your application since you want to make it relevant and user-friendly for the end users. Hence, you have to consider the scenario of redesigning and upgrading your mobile app. And you are at the right place. Origzo has the technological competence and the necessary skills that are required to produce a top quality mobile applications.

  • Give something new to your customers:

Your loyal customers deserve some royal treatment. You need to consider the fact that the needs of your app users may have changed in the course of a couple of years since you launched your app. Hence, in order to give them better functionality and an updated design, it will enhance the utility of your app in the eyes of your end users. A useful chance is always welcome and you should be its initiator.

  • Bug fixes and user feedback:

During the course of couple of years since your mobile application is being used, you may have got lots of end user feedback about how to make your app more useful, relevant to the end user and more popular. You may also have encountered some bugs during this process and in the course of user feedback. Now is the time to incorporate this user feedback, annihilate all the bugs and make your mobile application more useful and friendly for the end user.

Origzo is a mobile app development company based in India and the United States. Origzo possesses the required technological competence and cutting edge designers that can deliver a top quality app to you, be it android, iOS or windows based app. If you want to see our work portfolio, please click here for our range and variety of work in the field of mobile application development. We at Origzo believe in delivering top quality work in the stipulated time limit and we will make it sure that your mobile application work is done as per your expectations within the specified time frame. Know more about us by clicking here and we both can thrive in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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